Hi Everyone, CS has masks if you need them. 3 Layers, fantastic dressmaker quality, with vertical filter pocket, lots of colours just ask.


Simple $15, 3 layers with filter pocket

Valve, Origami style $15, extra room at the face, no fogging up.

Head Band $20 Head band to put elastic on so you don’t get sore ears (attach with bobby pin)

Aussie Made $25 Filter pocket, made by nurses locally in Melbourne, great quality wonderful fabric, help stop the waste. Limited supply- they are busy being nurses.

NEW! Washable reusable and AU Made option for $25


Value Combo Upgrade

Even better value we just added the Mental Health Pack.

NOW $150 worth of goodies for only $55. this is the way to save.

Complete Nurse                       $30

Medical Emergencies              $25

Mental Health Pack                 $20

Expansion Pack                        $10

Nurse Watch                              $15

Retractable                                   $5

Medical Emergency Posters x11  $4 =$44

Well Mr Corona fixed the expo up. But Now on 31st October in Melbourne Lets get dressed for the party