Value Combo Upgrade

Even better Nursing Cue cards, added value – Mental Health Pack.

NOW $150 worth of cheat sheets for only $55. this is the way to save and have all your answers at your fingertips, waterproof, easy to read, bigger (10cm x 6cm), better, Glossy compact box, original since 2005, the most experienced team in Australia.

Complete Nurse $30

Medical Emergencies $25

Mental Health Pack $20

Expansion Pack $10

Nurse Watch $15

Retractable $5

Medical Emergency Posters x11 $4 =$44

Our premium range of card sets such as Complete Nurse, Deluxe, Medical Emergencies, Ultimate Aged Care, are very affordable and come enclosed in a beautiful glossy box, are water proof, highly durable, light weight, large, and very easy to read and understand.