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Nursing Cue Cards and Smart Phone Application

Critical Second was developed by nurses for nurses. It’s available in sets of cue cards to sit behind your ID badge or as an iPhone / Android application.

Critical Second has very easy to use and understand nurses cards including:

  • Patient Assessment
  • ISBAR/Hand Hygiene
  • Drug Calculations/Rights of Drug Administration
  • Math Conversions
  • Pain Assessment
  • Daily Routine
  • IV Drip Rates
  • ECG Lead Placement
  • ECG Translations
  • Blood Gas Analysis
  • Rhythm Analysis
  • P.E.G Management
  • Stool Chart
  • Adult/ Paediatric ALS
  • CPR
  • Oxygen Delivery
  • Emergency Pathology Values,
  • GCS
  • Mental State Exam 1
  • Mental State Exam 2
  • And more…

The Nursing Coach

Critical Second is helping where we can. Join Melissa, “The Nursing Coach”.

If you need a hand, see Melissa, we have worked together for years in ICU, simply a great clinical resource, educator and a wonderful person.

The Nursing Coach aims to inspire nurses and nursing students to pursue their career goals by having a greater understanding of the theoretical and practical components of nursing practice. Expertise offered in a range of formats including individually tailored face-to-face or Skype based teaching, assignment preparation and review, job application preparation and regular classes.

The Nursing Coach was founded by Melissa Njoku, an intensive care nurse teacher who recently completed a Masters of Nursing and is now undertaking a Masters of Business Administration. As a nurse, Melissa is passionate about not only improving patient outcomes but also the patient’s experience. As a teacher, Melissa likes to inspire and encourage nurses and students to gain confidence, realise their potential and find their path for the fulfillment of a great nursing career.’

Free consultation, and for Critical Second customers, a 50% discount on the first session. Just mention us.