About Critical Second

Critical Second was created in 2005 by Andrew and Tess Blood, a husband and wife team who are both nursing professionals. As an undergraduate nurse educator and an ICU critical care nurse, Andrew often encountered complaints from nurses about how hard it is to remember all the technical information and formulas that are required in their roles.

Existing nursing cue systems were either difficult to use or too complex to understand. So Andrew and Tess combined their professional experience with research into the needs of nurses to develop an innovative, convenient and easy to understand system of cue cards. Careful planning and thoughtful management has resulted in these safety guidelines and protocols that make it easier for nurses when they are under pressure.

There are a variety of packs available to suit different nursing sectors and there’s even a newly design mobile and iPad app with the most popular charts and interactive formulas and quizzes.

Critical Second believe in the promotion and development of education and looking for solutions that offer nurses an easier and less stressful way in which to learn and work.