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Expo Combo pack

ONLY $50.00

EXPO Combo Pack Normally over $110.00 but now only $50.00!

 Expansion Pack added.

Save time, and get every thing at once & ALL 11 Medical Emergency posters with this pack that has ALL the possibilities covered, now 30 cards in total.

Complete Nurse Pack, plus Medical Emergencies Pack, Mental Health cards, Expansion Pack, 2 Retractable Card Holders, plus 11 posters (medical emergency) and a tick-tock nurses watch

All the information you will ever need from novice to advanced nurses will benefit from these ID style nursing information cards. Highly durable, waterproof easy to read and access as they sit behind your photo ID, at your finger tips at the scene when you need them. Don’t bother looking for an expensive book that somebody has taken home, everything is right here at your disposal right NOW.

NEW ARC UPDATED ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT & CPR GUIDELINES. From the Dec 2016 changes, all new fresh and up to date for 2017